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Waiting list as of January 2017:

New orders will not be guaranteed a delivery time, but will be put on a list. I will contact you when you are next on the list. 

Prices have changed as of Jan 2017, prices on orders already submitted will be honored.

NOTE: Budget Chanters are eligible for the "buy back" program for those that want to upgrade to a mounted chanter eventually. Three hundred dollars will be applied.


Basic Price List

Prices are in U.S. Dollars and vary slightly for custom materials.

Shipping costs range from $50- $125 going USPS.

Budget Practice Set with 3D Printed Chanter- $1285

Budget Practice Set- $1295

Practice Set of Uilleann Pipes- $1,995

Budget Half Set (includes cost of bag and bellows)- $2,995

Half Set (Bellows, Bag, Chanter, Drones)- $4,495

Three Quarter Set (Half set + tenor, and baritone regulators)- $6,950

Full Set- (Three Quarter Set and Bass Regulator)- $8,450


Price Breakdown (currently being updated)

Budget Chanter- (no keys or key mounts, includes reed) $

Chanter with 'C' natural key and reed- $

Additional Key- $

Chanter Reed- $175

Bellows (includes machined blowpipe connection)- $375

Bag (includes chanter stock and blow pipe)- $250

Drones- $

Budget Drones- $

Tenor Regulator- $

Baritone Regulator- $

Bass Regulator- $

Elbow Pad for Bellows (New!)- $40

Bag Cover (New!)- $125

Custom made Mahogany Pipes Case-

     $225 for practice set size (21x11x4.5)

     $275 for full set size (28x11x4.5)

(Prices are in U.S. Dollars and vary slightly for custom materials. Does not include shipping.)


To view a video of a full set follow this link:

Upcoming Gigs!

  • Mar 10
    Pensacola State College,  Pensacola
  • Mar 15
    South Euclid Library,  South Euclid
  • Mar 19
    West Side Irish American Club,  Olmsted Township

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